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Why does my boyfriend look at other guys

My boyfriend and I have been dating for more than a year, 15 months to be exact. We lost our virginities to each other so you can imagine how much I love him. Problem is, I'm not sure he loves me the same anymore. I caught him checking out my friend's ass once but I let it slip.

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Ladies: This is Why Your Man Checks Out Other Men

He tells me all the time how beautiful I am, and sexy, etc. He says almost every day that he wants to marry me, and how he misses me terribly when we are apart. I feel the same way about him. The problem is, that whenever we go out, he looks at other women. Not just the average-guy looking. Seems to try to make eye contact, too. Says hello to most people men and women. But he does have a shy side and is uncomfortable in large groups where he knows no one. He is also extremely clever with humor, and easily silly and good with the come-backs that are hysterically funny.

That is not my style. He got immediately defensive. I could feel his shock at my comment. He was completely silent and had no response. He must have stared at this woman for 10 minutes before he said he wanted a beer. Other than that, he seems oblivious to his behavior. I appreciate all the details you provided, Karen, because they paint a fully-fleshed out picture of your relationship.

It would easy to demonize your boyfriend as evil, but you bother to mention that he is sociable, that he praises your beauty, and that he wants to marry you. He really does love you, he really does find you attractive, he really does see a future. Sure, people hurt each other all the time, but in healthy relationships, the hurt generally comes from an unintentional place.

As always, I speak from experience. I could be handing 84 cents to a year-old checkout girl at a grocery store in Florida , or trying to coerce a year-old woman bartender into pouring me a stiffer drink, but no matter what semi-attractive female I talked to, I got a mouthful afterwards.

This was paranoia to the extreme. And it was counterintuitive and counterproductive. Counterintuitive in that she was trying to stifle the same charm she initially fell for. No, my crime was in talking to someone that my girlfriend felt was threatening — even though the threat was all in her head.

Ultimately, this is what my girlfriend did — for the betterment of both of us. Flirting with intention is when you have a stranger on your lap at a party and you ask for a phone number. One is inappropriate, the other is benign…. This is YOUR issue, not his. Same goes for men who freak out when other guys check out their sexy girlfriends. To bring this back to you, Karen, it sounds to me like you have a good guy on your hands who has a big blind spot.

By calling him out, you embarrassed him in a passive-aggressive way. Yes, he deserved it, but there IS a better way of handling it….

Namely, you need to have an emotionless heart-to-heart with him. Believe me, no man wants to be responsible for making a woman feel hurt. Let him know that you feel hurt and he will do everything in his power to stop hurting you. You could do the same back and have him see from personal experience what it feels like. You are very right! We have enough people in our lives to love us but our men are the only ones to love us in a way that we feel special. You dump him yesterday!! Please do not be stupid and listen to this commenter Beth.

Do not be stupid and dump your boyfreind. You will be alone like Beth. He was becoming more disrespectful with his ways around women and I was just really hurting myself in the long run. This man is a womanizer! Trust me. I thought it was inappropriate.

This was a huge no no to me. The big test for me is how he reacts when you say something about it. I am aware of my insecurity, and its a work in progress, but when we go out he used to do it in a spiteful way because he knew it bothered me. I knew what he was trying to do and I told him that being vindictive will not fix any issues. Making him aware of this because we came from both mentally abusive exes trust issues.

We love each other so much. Get along on so many levels. I know men look. Trust me I know I am a dispatcher for a trucking company, but I keep to myself.

I am working on it. We fight for each other because we want this to work. Our relationship was definitely rocky from the beginning. I had retaliating reactions due to his drunken behaviors. Doesnt bother me. I just pray it stays like this. I find that very weird, kinda creepy even. Something about it just seems off. This rubbed me the wrong way, as well. That said, I was talking with a cute younger guy for a bit when he was in the bathroom. We have only been out a couple times so I will continue to observe him closely after he openly joked about how he can be a bit of a flirt especially after some beers.

Only Karen will know, based on close observation and conversation with her bf. She even brough it up to him in a nice way and he got defensive. This is from her comment I do have to say, upon much reflection, that I was so sure of myself when he behaved disrespectfully, that I did get through to him in a manner that Evan replied to me about. I believe that is true. I was quick to react and comment. Not wait and bring it up later. I was so sure of how I was feeling, I believe there was no way he could either deny or be defensive.

I managed to get through to him in the way Evan had described as possible for a man to hear and assimilate, rather than be defensive only. I was so done with his attention to this woman, it was just shooting from the hip response from me. And that I deserve to be treated with respect, and how he blew it. And he knows clearly what the consequences will be if his attentions wander like that from me again. Thank you again to all who have written. You had so many amazing insights, that mirrored my own concerns and thoughts about him.

We all deserve to be treated with respect. And your comments reminded me that my concerns were well-founded. Just reading your comment makes me look at relationships all different, like we women have no reason to lower our wants and standards to be happy. Just a thank you for your inspiration. No woman needs to feel 2nd, 3rd, 4th place or runner up to a passer by…. To have a man tell you he loves and wants to marry you is a seductive experience.

But then to have him turn around and so openly forget himself and your feelings and, seemingly, set aside his regard for you must hurt you deeply. So before you go down that road, ask yourself a couple key questions that help take the guesswork out of the whole issue:. First, are you generally a jealous person?

If not, then it most likely IS him and not just in your head. In other words, do you really want to struggle to make it work because you respect and admire this man who gets pulled by an invisible tractor beam towards other women?

Can you love a guy who is so motivated to feel attractive to females that he apparently loses self-control? Believe me, it will be a tremendous pain in the ass to try to train that reflex out of him. Chances are, he probably never will give you the satisfaction of recognizing his inappropriateness anyway and simply remember you as jealous and paranoid.

I did NOT give this guy a free pass. I said that his behavior was highly inappropriate. Although there is definitely a correlation and a slippery slope from lustful looks to infidelity. But if the guy has exhibited no other signs of poor behavior, he deserves the chance to attempt to reform it — upon which the woman can decide for herself if she can live with his level of inappropriate flirtation.

This Is What It Really Means When Your Man Looks At Another Woman (From A Man’s Perspective)

It's understandably upsetting when your boyfriend or husband checks out other women right in front of you. You might even find yourself wondering, "Does he really love me? He has me, so why does he need to look anyone else? The fact of the matter is that his wandering eye and your frustration with it probably has far more to do with some simple differences between men and women than it does his feelings for you. For example, my significant other and I were walking hand-in-hand at the mall one afternoon when a beautiful woman approached.

He tells me all the time how beautiful I am, and sexy, etc. He says almost every day that he wants to marry me, and how he misses me terribly when we are apart. I feel the same way about him.

By Louisa Peacock. Yep, me too. I am a checker-outer of other girls. I can't help it. When I read this piece about straight women spending more time checking each other out than they do the opposite sex, I nodded far too much.

My Girlfriend Looks at Other Guys

However, many women feel uncomfortable and start fuming read: steam billowing out of their ears when they see their lover eye-balling a younger woman wearing a tight dress or bust them looking at the most ridiculously-themed porn. Have you seen some of that stuff? See it for what it is. From personal experience I can honestly say there have been times that my blood wanted to boil when I caught my partner mentally undressing a random woman in a restaurant, supermarket or in the post office. But the biological essence of the situation is that it means nothing. Literally nothing. Jealousy is not very pretty. Some men are better than others when it comes to taking a sneaky peek at a hottie.

My Boyfriend Is Staring At and Flirting With Other Women!

I was having a chat with one of my girlfriends a few years ago and she was really upset. She called him on it. He got defensive. They had a fight. The usual stuff.

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What should a wife do if she suspects her husband is thinking of another — and that other is a man? And is giving oral sex required in a relationship? Sexploration answers your queries.

"My Boyfriend Checks Out Other Girls"

Man gawking at another woman iStock. It tends to happen a lot in relationships, but is it normal? Should you just accept this behavior and reason guys will be guys?

She might just be looking to test your confidence, or she might be looking because she feels some fleeting attraction for those guys, just like you feel fleeting attraction for random women you see. Either way, you have to maintain your confidence, otherwise you will cause her to either cheat on you or break up with you. However, the truth is, we are all different and we all want different things when it comes to relationships. Everyone is different and everyone wants different things, and this is as true for women as it is for men. However, unlike in the past where women were forced to get married at a very young age to a man picked out for them by their father or guardian, and regardless of whether the guy was cruel, lazy or a bad husband, she was stuck with him for life. Your girlfriend is going to look at other guys.

7 things that make men feel insecure in a relationship

The other night, my husband and I were talking okay gossiping about another couple we know. The conversation then moved toward the man of the couple in question. My husband suddenly turns to me and says, "By the way, his chest is not really that big - it's mostly fat. He just sucks it in. My chest is actually more muscular than his.

I personally don't look at other guys because (while I really don't want to sound contrived here) why the f*ck would I want to look at other men when the one in.

You watch as the man you love turns his head, looks her up and down, and his eyes linger just a little too long on her breasts, or her backside. A torrent of questions runs through your mind: Does he want her? Is he not attracted to me anymore? Sound familiar?

Also, see our reduced in-person service hours. I hope this helps! Good luck! Hi there!

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