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Naruto look like a girl fanfiction

And that's why I should have the honor of doing so. All of my other stories have been Harry Potter fiction but I decided to move on since I still have a hard time thinking of ideas for those 3 stories. I have chapters in the making, they're just not completed. Summary: Everyone is more or less One day, Naruto wakes up and finds himself transformed into a girl.

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A mission to protect the daughter of a Lord on a gala has come to team Kakashi. Only problem is that there are only couples allowed inside, meaning that one of the boy's has to dress up as a girl and who would be better for the job then our favorite blond. Meanwhile Sasuke and Naruto are dating, but Kakashi doesn't know yet…….

Warning: slight Shounen ai. Don't like it then don't read it. If you do read it while not liking this coupling then it's you're own fault and no complaining to me cause I just warned you. But just to warn you, it's not going to be much, maybe a kiss or two.. She grinned as she looked at the five team members one by one.

Their leader, Kakashi looked at Naruto with one visible wondering eye while Sakura's eyes were wide as sausages.

Sai looked from Tsunade to Naruto confused. Sasuke was looking at Naruto with a slight smirk on his face, clearly wondering how the blond would look in a dress while Naruto himself looked shocked at Tsunade.

Eyes speared wide open as his mouth appeared to copy a goldfish making pathetic "uh" sounds. Sai was the first to recover from his shock. There is a gala in Hunaichi. The client wants protection for his daughter. Unknown enemies have been trying to abduct the girl and the gala would be the perfect opportunity to retry. It is your job to find out who. You are just girly. She chuckled.

You have very girlish features. Kakashi and Tsunade laughed as Naruto's eyes grew wide. He turned to Sai for help with pleading eyes. If either of us would dress up like a girl they would still see the difference in our appearances. You on the other hand have soft features, longer hair and impossible blue eyes. If you keep you're mouth shut you could pass for a girl almost as good as Sakura-san does.

Kakashi looked at him curious. Kakashi looked at him for a moment before he smiled. If that's all then I would like to go prepare for the mission. Tsunade nodded as Kakashi blinked. I really have to do this? Naruto moved forward as Tsunade stood up smiling innocently.

She walked into a different room and Sakura pulled Naruto with her. They watched as Tsunade threw lots of dresses on the ground, one even more horrible then the other in Naruto's opinion. That will take to much time, time that we don't have. Tsunade turned back to them and threw a dress to Naruto.

Put this one on and take you're head protector off. Naruto growled softly as he threw his shirt off and undid his pants. Tsunade signed. Naruto grinned as he tried to wiggle his way into the dress. After a few moments he stopped and frowned. Naruto had one arm and half of his head wiggled into the arm of the dress and was stuck.

She quickly released him and helped him to put the dress on. Naruto growled and turned to Tsunade again. She nodded approving and took a brush and some elastics. Sakura signed as she walked out the room to get her and Naruto's things ready to.

When she was finished she walked to the bridge where they would meet up. Kakashi, Sai and Sasuke were already there. He should be here soon. Everyone, except Sasuke, laughed at the image of Naruto in a dress. They all looked up as they saw Tsunade standing in front of them. As they looked passed her they all gasped at what they saw…………. I got this idea after attempting to draw Naruto, but I ended up making him in a dress by mistake.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. A mission to protect a lord's daughter on a gala has come to Team 7. But only couples are allowed there, meaning one of them has to dress up as a girl.

Kakashi's point of view mostly. It's a sequel to I like you too, but can be read without reading the other and still make sense. This chapter is for Zimeatspotatoes for giving me the idea for this fic xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx "WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is your job to find out who are behind it and to protect the girl. As they looked passed her they all gasped at what they saw………… TBC Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Alright, what do you think so far? Chapter 1 2. Showtime 3. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Close Working Terms of Service.

XKhaalidaX: Sorry about leaving you on the cliff-hanger, but I was in an evil mood. YaoiRocks: … stupid…on with the Itanaru!!!!!!! Pairing: Itanaru, onesided Sasunaru. I love fics where both Itachi and Sasuke fight for Naruto's affections. Even better when Itachi-sama wins.

A mission to protect the daughter of a Lord on a gala has come to team Kakashi. Only problem is that there are only couples allowed inside, meaning that one of the boy's has to dress up as a girl and who would be better for the job then our favorite blond.

The academy had just ended and Naru was hiding. It was always around this time that Sasuke, the top student, would come and find her. Since their accidental kiss a week ago, he'd been a bit overly curious for Naru's comfort. This would've been put to an end exactly six days ago if the Hokage hadn't announce an impromptu halt to the academy's plans due to 'some unforeseen circumstances'.

During the Wave mission when Naruto went blind with rage, the Kyuubi messed with his body or that's what they think. Might spice it up a bit. Haku stood there, his eye's dull. At the moment he was waiting for the death blow that would come from his new found friend, Naruto. But off in the distance he could feel trouble brewing. Watching as the older boy disappeared, Naruto tried to utter out a protest, "Wha-! She had Naruto's blond hair, tanned skin, and his whisker marks.

Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura had been gathered at the bridge to listen to the plan of the latest mission they had been assigned. The client had seemed very insistent on catching this guy. Although, she had been very vague on the details of the man. He's been targeting, and kidnapping young women of roughly the age of sixteen. He seems to be very dangerous, as he has hired several ninja bodyguards from various other countries.

Hey guys, most of you already know this story,but I just had to fix it.

This is a new story of mine! I wanted to see if I can do another kind of Naruto story! If you like Sakura and Kakashi, check out my story, Tabu Sensei! It's about Sakura being the author of the new romance series called Tabu, and no one knowing about it!

Sasuke grunted as he kicked at a bush, not bothering to step over it. He looked around in annoyance as he recalled exactly why he was out after midnight. He was out looking for the dobe — not that he cared about Naruto, but the fact that Naruto hadn't come back yet again was bothering him; if something had happened to him, or he was dead, then it could serve to alert the other, more competent ninja Himself and Kakashi, of course. And Naruto had proven to be a valuable ally in the last battle, against a jounin level ninja no less- and could hopefully prove to be just as useful in another fight.

Hi this is MedicNaruto speaking, I tell you that this is a yaoi fiction, so please if you don't like boyxboy don't read it. Any way I know the pairings if you want to read it, but they will come much later. Hinata wont be paired up with anyone, because I can't see anyone worth of her except Naruto, but she will be a badass maidan, and hold Aqua, Shino will be badass too and hold Thunder, and lazy ass Shikamaru will be badass and hold Ground. I'll tell you about this guys later. So please be kind this is my second fiction, I'll revise my first, so people can know whats going on, thank you again for taking your time and reading this. Naruto Uzumaki a boy with blond hair, blue eyes wearing an orange jumpsuit was lying on ground half-dead.

Dodging, running and hiding from anyone human being he had spotted. Thankfully so far, no one had seen him, yet. He hoped to keep it that way, his masculine pride was already in shatters now. He didn't want the shattered pieces that were left to turn into dust, thank you very much. Peeking out, Naruto tossed the very irritating ribbons that kept falling forward behind his shoulder before taking very nimble steps towards the next pillar.

Jan 5, - "you are here to accept your role has a female Namikaze" Minato answered. "what's that?" "well your'll get a bloodline, and look like a girl, and get.

When Naruto opened his apartment door, his pocket was heavier than usual, the pay for the C-turned-A mission weighing him down. Undressing himself, he collapsed onto his bed and drifted to sleep, only to be forcefully tugged towards his inner mind. Naruto looked around sharply, and relaxed when he saw the familiar sewer that was his mind, and the base of many jokes. Why did you bring me here?

A certain blonde tried to blend in with the other kids but as always was roughly pushed away by the other kids getting knocked her off her feet. To be honest the caretaker wasn't necessarily mean or cruel, she was kind and caring but she disliked a certain blond haired blue eyed little girl, the little girl was just too loud, too obnoxious, and of course that thing was locked up inside her making her intolerable to the 'nice' caretaker. As of matter of fact none of the adults seemed to like the girl for that reason, they avoided her, ignored, or mistreated her for what she had hidden inside her. Which in result made her an outcast due to them making their children turn against her as well.

Author's Note: Hello! This is my first Naruto fanfic, I only recently got hooked, so most everyone who will reading this will be my sempai. I will try my best despite this pressure So if you can help me improve anything or if you'd like to leave me a note telling me what you thought, that'd be great laughs nervously.

Alright, so I changed Yume's name to Naru, 'cuz I kept getting confused. Also, she never told them about the Kyuubi or Yondy, and the Sand siblings weren't there to hear her explanation about being a girl, so they don't know.

The eight-year-old girl kicked at a loose stone, her pale green eyes following its arc to the glassy surface of the lake. The first was the sound of the stone hitting the water. The second was the sound of water hitting stone. She raised her small hands quickly to cover her face and catch the tears streaming from her eyes, but nothing could muffle the sound of her sobbing.

It was a clothing store, and he was standing outside of it with Kurenai and Hinata. It was a Kunoichi clothing store, for the most part, and it contained the most comfortable clothes for female ninja to wear on missions. He was not fond of this idea, not in the slightest, mostly because he was suppose by gender go to the store across the street. The names weren't the best, but the owners of the seperate shops were Husband and Wife. It was weird, knowing that for 60 years they had been running these seperate shops. Think about it this way, you can get orange. She was being brought along for a second opinion on clothes, and because right after this they would be going through a team training meeting to see where Naruto would fit into team dynamics.

Maybe next year, when I've taken over the world. If he doesn't make a decision soon, though, things could turn ugly. Sick of the attention, Sasuke finally chooses Podfics are also totally fine.

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