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My boyfriend is jealous of bts

He walked into your apartment only to find a bouquet of red roses and a box of chocolate on the kitchen table. Slightly confused he read the tag on it which said. Anger was forming in his chest as he called you downstairs. Se-Jin was your best friend and Jimin hated him from the moment they met.

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bts as jealous boyfriends

Summary: What if your boyfriend was doing all of that because he was just jealous of everyone? Originally posted by heyseoulsistar.

Your big group of girl friends invited you to a club one night. You always supported him, even if you knew that sometimes he stayed with his friends or went out to some bars, to take a few drinks and play pool with them.

But that night, you were with your big group of girls, so you said yes to them. One night not long ago, you went out with your best friend, and he stayed at home.

You only knew one of them. In the club, you danced with your girls for like an hour, letting yourself go. Both decided to sit on the corner to rest your feet from all the dancing you had. The girl was really shy, you talked less than five minutes, before invite her a few drinks. You two reached the bar and drank a shot of tequila, then, a guy came to you.

He was a tall man, really handsome with a bright smile, and toned skin that you could see behind his shirt unbottoned at the top, and his grayish hair was to the side revealing his forehead. He reached his hand to yours and you grabbed it, it was just a dance anyways, Jimin surely does worst, you thought. You saw the girl that was with you and she gave you a go, girl!

Once on the dancefloor, the guy and you were dancing with your drinks on each hand. He told you that his name was Namjoon. And you both were dancing closer everytime one talked to the other. You two were starting to dance really tight, and when he leaned closer to your face, you gave him access to your lips.

He grabbed your arms and leaned over you, dominating the kiss. You continued to kissed him, holding his hair on your fingers, at the time you were brutally separated from him by a hand that grabbed your arm.

Because of the alcohol in your blood, you started to laugh of Jimin who was not taller than the other guy. Get in your own business.

Why was Jimin there? He threw the other guy to the floor, well, he tried. It was just a kiss. Treat her good next time. Jimin turned back to you, with a mad expression. You had never seen your boyfriend acting like that, that was new. You felt a little bit guilty but after all, it was his fault.

What are you doing here? While I fuck another bitch for tonight. Walking to the oposite side of him. You tried to escape from him, but he lifted you up and took you to the outside. Does he have something with your? Why are you mad at me?! What did I do? All I ever do was went out with the guys. And like me, they have girlfriends too but we need to rest sometimes and have fun together.

Tell me why would you do that? Is that true? Why was he there? He was close from his home, you two could go to that club every night if you wished but he never asked. Of course he has another girl, you thought. What are you saying? He got out and went to your door, opening it. We really need to talk right now. There was nowhere to run so you had to leave the car.

Jimin followed you to the elevator, and pushed the botton. I know that. Sure you fucked another girl there too. In the same bed where we sleep. He was looking at you like if you were crazy. Jimin stood there like he had said a bad word. You got out the elevator and waited for him to opened the apartment door. He closed the door behind you and started to talk.

Those are the only things I do. You, my work and them. And I know why, you surely have a bitch at your office, and you dance with her and fuck her rough, and this will make me vomit. Because all I hear is 'you fucked another girls better than me, you went to clubs with girls and girls, and fuck and girls. If you wanted me to be rough with you, I can do that. Do you want me to go rough like that time? The alcohol was beginning to fade from your veins, and you started to see clear, you did remember that time when he was rough and right there, you wanted to feel that again, you wanted to let yourself go, and feel him, have fun with him in clubs, in bars, anywhere but restaurants and home.

Instead of thinking that I was fucking other girls? With and without you. This was his punishment for being a bad boyfriend, well not actually a bad one but an unbearable, old fashioned and cute one. Another life? He guided both to the bedroom, threw you on the bed, and climbed to be on top of you. He started to take off his belt to hold your wrists with it and hooked the you to the backrest of the bed.

He stood still watching your whole figure, only with panties on. The cute ones that he loved. He leaned over you to kiss you over your panties, grabbing your leg and massaging it.

He bit your pelvis zone a little hard, so you complained. He looked up to see your reaction, he smiled, and went back to your core, starting to bite you from there to your breasts, leaving marks of his teeth as he crossed a path. But again, you remembered he was trying to fuck you hard, not to look cute.

Once he got to your breasts, he started to kiss them, he massaged the right one while he sucked your left one, and he grabbed your nipple between his teeth and pulled it, making you moan louder. He downed his other hand to your core behind the panties and rubbed your clit, as he started to pulled your other nipple.

Your were moaning louder his name. But when you tried to reach his toned chest, the belt stopped you. He laughed and you pouted.

He leaned to kissed you as he undid his pants, taking them off and grabbed you by the hips. He freed his hardened cock from his boxers and let you see how hard he was for you. Jimin positioned his knees under your legs. His moans were like music, and you felt fire on your core, it was throbbing, wanting to feel his swollen tip and his juices inside of you. After a few seconds he stopped and positioned himself on your entrance, getting in slowly and painfully, he moved inside of you making circles until you adjust yourself to his size, and he started to go in and out.

Moaning breathlessly on your ear, holding your wrists with his belt, starting to go faster and faster. The sounds of skin against skin started to sound louder, and your orgasm was approaching.

He kissed you roughly, moaning in your mouth, holding you by the hips, leaving marks of his nails. You were sweating under him, and crying of pleasure, he was moaning louder as he was near to cum. But you talked first. You were really close, but he did that. He seated over you with his legs on your sides and his dick pointing your breasts, as he was untying you.

You stopped him, taking his length and rubbing his tip as a response. Making him backed his head. You took him in your mouth and started to go in and out pn him.

Jimin leaned back to rub your clit to finally let you come for once. Your moans sent vibrations to him and made him moaned louder, he introduced two fingers inside of you and rubbed your clit with his thumb to increase your pleasure.

You started to teared up so, he took his cock off your mouth. You opened your mouth because of the pleasure, and started to feel his cum over you as you came with him. The next morning, it was Saturday and his phone was ringing.

BTS Being Jealous Boyfriends (scenarios)

Jin nodded, not entirely taking in what you said until he heard a car horn outside. You walked over to hug him goodbye, pressing a kiss to his cheek. I know what the boys can be like when they have a few drinks inside them. He squirmed noticing your lipstick mark on his cheek, quickly wiping it off. Jin flashed you a quick smile, pulling you into a tight hug.

He was yours after all, and he needed attention from you too. I am your boyfriend after all, and I am much prettier than he is.

My boyfriend surprised me recently when he told me he was upset because of my reaction to guys I find attractive on TV, that I act like a schoolgirl and sigh. He also got upset with me previously when he thought I chose a movie because I found one of the actors attractive. What can I do to reassure him? I tell him I'm not deliberately trying to hurt him, that my reactions are just what they are and don't mean anything.

~Let me tell you a story~ — When BTS Gets Jealous That Their Girlfriend is...

His expression is serious and you can tell something must really be bothering him. Your friend.. You have nothing to worry about. You and Jin were on a date together when the both of you ran into your best friend and another guy that was with him. Your friend immediately called your name and you ran over to him jumping on him and giving him a tight hug. When your friend set you down he kissed the top of your head and that was the final straw for Jin. Get your lips off my girlfriend lover boy!

CHLOE ❤️✨ — BTS Reaction: They Get Jealous Of Your Guy Friends

Hey irene! I agree with u so much. Being kpop is not a downgrade from something. They are not doing it.

A lot has been through my mind often.

Summary: What if your boyfriend was doing all of that because he was just jealous of everyone? Originally posted by heyseoulsistar. Your big group of girl friends invited you to a club one night.

bangtan texts — Ex bf Jungkook gets jealous of your relationship...

No warnings, just some jealous BTS mini Scenarios. I had to repost since I accidentally deleted the one I posted yesterday trying to edit some mistakes. Originally posted by ksjknj. You begin to realize he clearly does since he changes the subject as soon as you bring up anything work related.

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BTS as jealous boyfriends

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bts as jealous boyfriends Signs Of Flirting, Flirting Messages, Flirting Quotes For Her, It's where your interests connect you with your people. Signs Of.

Терпкий аромат красного вина ударил в ноздри Беккера, когда падре Херрера опустил перед ним серебряную, отполированную миллионами рук чашу. Немного рано для алкогольных напитков, подумал Беккер, наклоняясь. Когда серебряный кубок оказался на уровне его глаз, возникло какое-то движение, и в полированной поверхности смутно отразилась приближающаяся фигура. Беккер заметил металлический блеск в тот самый миг, когда убийца поднимал пистолет, и, как спринтер, срывающийся с места при звуке стартового выстрела, рванулся. Насмерть перепуганный священник упал, чаша взлетела вверх, и красное вино разлилось по белому мрамору пола.

My Boyfriend Gets Upset When I Find Actors Attractive

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— ❛bts being jealous boyfriends (analysis)

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Trash for 방탄소년단! — BTS SCENARIO: He is jealous of your guy best...

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bangtan texts — Ex bf Jungkook gets jealous of your relationship...

Вот и все доказательства. - Агент Смит, - прервал помощника директор.  - Почему вы считаете, будто Танкадо не знал, что на него совершено покушение.

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