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The album's crediting of "The Family" references the guest appearances from his label-mates and other artists, where Puff Daddy initially gained recognition through his public image and work as a producer for Bad Boy. Puff Daddy worked extensively with The Notorious B. No Way Out saw significant commercial success, debuting at number one on the Billboard , selling over , copies in its first week of sales. The album's singles also saw commercial success, namely with " I'll Be Missing You ", which became a worldwide hit, and the first rap song to debut at number one on the Billboard Hot The album also saw widespread critical success, with Puff Daddy being nominated for five awards at the 40th Grammy Awards , winning the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album. The album's lyrical content is filled with some of his emotions that he felt while mourning the loss of his close friend.

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Sean Combs discography

Confessions is the fourth studio album by American singer Usher. It was released on March 23, , by Arista Records. Recording sessions for the album took place during to , with its production handled by his longtime collaborator Jermaine Dupri , along with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and Lil Jon , among others.

The album's themes generated controversy about Usher's personal relationships; however, the album's primary producer Jermaine Dupri claimed the album reflects Dupri's own personal story. In the United States, the album sold 1. To boost sales amid threats of bootlegging , the special edition for the album was issued, which includes the single, " My Boo "; a duet with Alicia Keys.

With over eight million copies sold in , the album was viewed as a sign of recovering album sales in the US, following three years of decline. It was also exemplary of urban music 's commercial peak and dominance of the Billboard charts in When he began recording Confessions in , Usher claimed he did not want to work with any new producers.

Every album you gotta grow. You gotta look for something different. Kelly , and Usher's brother James Lackey. When Usher felt that the album was completed, [3] with forty recorded songs, he submitted the album to his record label, Arista.

Reid , who listened to the record, thought something was missing in it. Eventually, the team was able to produce songs like "Red Light" and "Yeah! He also recorded songs with P.

Diddy and The Neptunes during one of those sessions, but those songs were not released. One of Usher's first steps in recording Confessions was deciding to reveal "his own little secrets". Prather said, "The music has never been the question, but people tend to buy into the artist. The more they know about you, the more they feel like they're there with you.

I let a few of them out, you know. I've got a lot to say. I've got a lot of things and stuff built in me that I just want to let go of. Several of the songs in this album were conceptually based on a situation. Usher said, "'Yeah! This record also introduces a new style for Usher, focusing on his voice and technique. Andre "Dre" Harris and Vidal Davis listened to and felt that "Usher really needs to sing hard and let people know his vocal ability".

Confessions was slated to be released on November 6, However, due to marketing issues, the scheduled date was moved to March 23 of the following year. Many songs were set aside for future use, including "Red Light" and a remix of "Yeah! Usher and Arista held advance-listenings for the album, a few months before its actual release; he also appeared on TV guestings to promote Confessions. With strategies to boost the album's sales albeit threats of stealing music in the internet, Usher and his management readied a follow-up release of Confessions with an additional marketing blitz.

The label itself treated the version a new album, with full media advertisements. In selecting which single to release first, Usher and the label considered various marketing strategies. With many potential lead singles that could fare well in music markets, they were choosing between "Yeah! Usher was skeptical about whether "Yeah!

With much debate between two songs, "Burn" was originally chosen as the lead single, with plans of filming its music video in late Released to street DJs and mixtapes , it was meant to cultivate fans who waited for three years since the release of The single again topped the Hot , giving the album its fourth consecutive number-one. Usher supported the album with a two-month concert tour called "The Truth Tour". The tour set featured a small stage up on top of the main stage, where the band played with Usher and his supporting dancers left with enough room to perform.

The smaller stage had a mini platform attached to it—which lowered to the main stage—and had two big staircases on both sides of it. To the left, a group of circular staircases climbed to the top, and to the right, there was a fire escape replete with steps and an elevator. Kanye West , who had finished his own headlining tour for his album The College Dropout , was the opening act for "The Truth Tour". Preceding Usher's entrance was a short movie showing him getting dressed, following on with him performing the opening song " Caught Up ", with Usher dressed in all white.

Each dancer threw one chair up to the top, with Usher already in hand with his own chair, with everyone following a set dance routine. After Usher and his label held a few listening parties for the album, [20] controversies spread about the mistress-impregnating concept of "Confessions Part II".

With lyrics Usher admitted to have written because of his guilty conscience, people assumed that he and Chilli broke up because he was unfaithful. Amidst widespread rumors, Usher stated, "People assume things, because as I said, I pull from my personal experiences to make my music. But cheating is not what caused the relationship to collide and crash At Metacritic , which assigns a normalized rating out of to reviews from mainstream publications, the album received an average score of 71, based on 13 reviews.

Sorta like Usher himself. The pleasure of listening to Usher is the pleasure of listening to a singer who knows exactly what he's doing. Which raises the question: are these supposed 'confessions' true? He loves toying with his audience this way, loves telling us exactly how bad he is, then daring us to believe him. In a mixed review, Caroline Sullivan of The Guardian criticized its "production gloss" and said that, although Usher's "fluid delivery" redeems weak tracks, there are only two "great songs"—"Yeah!

The album earned Usher numerous accolades. In December it was ranked as the best solo album and second best overall album of the — decade. Confessions was commercially successful, selling 1. The success of the thirty-year-old record label, however, was attributed to its merging with Zomba Records. The album debuted at number one on the US Billboard , becoming Usher's first number-one album. The album continued its dominance on the chart. D12 World by D12 ended its five consecutive weeks run at the top spot; [53] however, Confessions reclaimed the position the following week.

With sales of more than eight million in , [61] Confessions was the most-shipped album of the year in the US. By the end of , the industry had sold million albums, an increase of about 1. Compared with sales records in , the figures showed eight percent increase. Bryan-Michael Cox , who co-wrote and co-produced "Burn", earned credibility in the music industry for his role in the album.

With deemed to be his introduction to a larger, more mainstream audience, Cox stated in an interview for MTV that many people were starting to recount what he had done. Confessions was ranked as the 16th best album of all time on the Billboard Top Albums of All Time. Credits for Confessions adapted from AllMusic and album's liner notes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It is not to be confused with Superstar Delaney and Bonnie song , which was also recorded by Usher.

Usher Raymond exec. Antonio "LA" Reid exec. The song is set in common time and has a moderate groove. Lil Jon Garrett [a]. Richard P. Butler, Jr. Dupri Cox [b]. Raymond Brantley Najera Spears Strong. Avila I. Avila James Q. Warfield — layout design Kanye West - rap track 21 Ryan West — engineer track 3 Doug Wilson - track 21 Stevie Wonder - harmonica track 4 Ghian Wright — assistant engineer track 10 James "Big Jim" Wright — co-producer tracks 13, 20 , bass tracks 11, 20 , Wurlitzer track 13 , keyboards track MTV News.

Viacom Media Networks. Retrieved May 18, Archived from the original on October 24, Archived from the original on November 6, February 17, Retrieved May 20, EMI Music Publishing. April 11, Archived from the original on December 24, Archived from the original on May 1, USA Today. Gannett Company. The New York Times. The New York Times Company. Confessions — Bonus Tracks.

Mario Winans

Confessions is the fourth studio album by American singer Usher. It was released on March 23, , by Arista Records. Recording sessions for the album took place during to , with its production handled by his longtime collaborator Jermaine Dupri , along with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and Lil Jon , among others. The album's themes generated controversy about Usher's personal relationships; however, the album's primary producer Jermaine Dupri claimed the album reflects Dupri's own personal story. In the United States, the album sold 1.

The song is the second part of the song Pass the Courvoisier , another song featured on Genesis , featuring P. The second part features P.

Originally, vocalist Mariah Carey and rapper Plies were intended to feature on the record. The remix features additional writing from Lil Wayne , with Soundz producing the track. Have shock value. That's what the remix is all about.

I Need a Girl (Part Two)

Diddy achieved the rare occurrence of having both parts of the song become big hits. It samples P. Diddy's line "Now the Sun don't shine for ever, but as long as it's here then we might as well shine together" from his song "Victory" featuring The Notorious B. Tyga recorded a part three from the song on his album Kyoto. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bad Boy Arista. Mario Winans Diddy. Rovi Corporation.

I Need a Girl (Part One)

It was released on November 21, , as the album's fourth single. The song was written by J. The song also features Grey lending vocals on the song's chorus. Critics praised the redemptive ballad for the personal themes and lyrics which were a snapshot of Diddy's life. Praise was also given for Grey's soft vocals, which complemented the warmth of the song.

Mario Mendell Winans born Mario Mendell Brown [1] is an American singer, record producer , songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist best known for his song " I Don't Wanna Know ", which reached number 2 in the United States and number 1 in the United Kingdom.

Diddy achieved a rare occurrence by having two parts of a song become chart hits. It also charted on the UK Singles Chart at number four. The song was ranked number 15 on the Billboard Hot year-end chart in

Pass the Courvoisier, Part II

American actor, rapper and record producer Sean Combs , known professionally under the pseudonyms Puffy, Puff Daddy, P. Diddy or Diddy, has released six studio albums , one remix album and seventy-two singles — including thirty-three as a lead artist and thirty-nine as a featured artist. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Written by Usher, Dupri and Cox, the song is a confession of a man to his woman about his impregnated mistress. This is a continuation of "Confessions Part I" which relates to a man's infidelity. Its personal content evoked rumors and early responses from the public even before its release, believing that Usher was asserting the truth; however, Dupri divulged that the story behind the album is about himself. The song was released as the third single from the album, following the success of " Burn ". The single reached number one on Billboard Hot for two weeks, becoming the album's third consecutive number-one single. Internationally, the single had lesser success than the album's previous releases.

Love in This Club Part II

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Confessions is the fourth studio album by American singer Usher. It was released on March 23, Usher recorded "Confessions Part II" during July recording sessions in New York City. At the end of the day, you want an event. with the song "Bad Girl", where Usher was dressed up in a lavender suit and came out in.

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