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If you are unfamiliar, last year I ran the Lucaya Project as daily short prompts from a number of words I kept in a bowl and drew from. This year, I decided to take this project to a new format, no longer as prompts but as one story, chapters, one to each day! So let's go! Her life was and would remain what it was. She had come to a point where, even at thirteen years old, she had seen the lot she had been handed and stopped it from feeling like a weight on her shoulders. It didn't protect her a hundred percent of the time, but when it did then she felt good.

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Girl Meets Texas (Part 1)/Transcript

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This story is so shamelessly inspired by 'The Art of Seduction' by tiramisuspice. Seriously, I love her stories. Guess what happens? Okay, so I'm British and I know nothing about Texas so this chapter was extremely weird to write — sorry if I got some details wrong! Especially having to write "mom" instead of "mum" and "dollars" instead of "pounds" haha. Maya sighed, looking down at her shoes while her mother excitedly rambled on about their new house. She'd only been in Texas for two days, and she already hated it.

It wasn't that the air smelled like cows and hay or that people walked around in plaid clothes that nobody would be caught dead wearing in New York City. Maybe she was just being moody and stereotypical, and missing her hometown. Maya started guiltily; she had neglected listening to Katy in favour of kicking some rocks by her feet, scuffing her shoes on the gravel. Her mother was looking at her expectantly. I'll make do. Katy visibly relaxed. Kissing Maya's forehead, she answered,.

What would I do without you? But don't worry, I'll find a job as fast as I can, and you can choose what you want to do with your room. Maya smiled, but it didn't reach her eyes. What could she say that wouldn't disappoint her mom? Honestly, Texas seemed like a nightmare. The tiny cottage her mom had found them was falling apart; the garden was overgrown; the wallpaper peeling.

Her new attic room was the only thing that seemed promising; there were a few cobwebs and creaky floorboards, but she could cover the walls with her artwork and it would be okay once she settled in, she hoped. Maya had known that she wasn't going to fit in here.

Especially not with her band t-shirts, oversized jeans and heavy boots. She had to admit though, she'd been wrong about everybody dressing like cowboys straight out of an old Western movie. There were the cheerleaders with their short girly skirts, the guys wearing ordinary jeans and shirts and various other styles, just like in New York.

Although probably not as stylish. She'd had no trouble finding her way around, although it was a huge school, but her first few lessons had been utterly tedious.

She'd gone completely unnoticed so far, besides falling asleep in Physics and being harshly awoken by the teacher, to snickers and quick glances from the students. The glances were quick because of the scowl that was set over her features, eyes flashing dangerously. God, she missed home. She went to her locker after fourth period, dumped her books inside and slammed it shut with such force that the girl next to her squealed.

Maya was about to leave without saying anything, but the girl was staring at her with intrigue. She was pretty, with long brown hair that was perfectly waved and very innocent doe eyes. She looked like the type of person that Maya couldn't stand. But she was still staring at her with shining eyes and a small smile, unlike everyone else, who had either ignored her or lowered their eyes once they saw her scowl.

I'm Riley Matthews. You really scared me with your locker! She was practically glowing. You don't look me in the eyes. I like you. Riley had been so easily kind to her; so hopeful for her as a friend. It was nice not to be ignored.

Lunch was disgusting. At least some things hadn't changed from her old school back in NYC. Maya bent her neck and stared at the lump on her plate with distaste. They'll love you, oh my god I just know they will! We'll introduce you to everyone — ooh, and we have to compare schedules! Oh my gosh, are you trying out for the cheerleading squad? What are your interests? They looked up at Maya questioningly. Isn't she pretty? She's new.

You wouldn't mind if she sat with us would you? She stood up and grinned. Destroyed jeans, combat boots, that terrifying scowl — and did you even brush your hair this morning? She knew she looked like a mess, but she had slept in and hadn't had time to brush her hair. Bree smiled at Maya. She was another brunette with brown eyes. Maya sighed. What was with all these girls being so pretty and clean and innocent-looking? Beside them, she knew she was a mess of tangled blonde hair, fierce blue eyes and her style screamed "edgy" next to the pink cardigans and floral chiffon skirts.

We really need a blonde in the group. Her elbow slipped and her head almost hit the table. He's got this thing where he goes for all the new girls because they don't know his reputation yet. He sleeps with them within a week of their arrival. You'll change your mind once you do. Any girl would be lucky for him to even smile at her! Maya scoffed. I bet I could resist his charms. I'm not a sappy little girl who drops her panties every time an attractive guy smiles at her.

Even you, little miss rebel, would fall in love with him in a heartbeat," Missy said as she sniffed her spoonful of sludge. Maya spoke with more confidence than she felt.

She didn't think she was particularly pretty, and she'd only had one boyfriend. But she wanted to keep up her troublemaker image at this new school where nobody knew who she was. And she was sure that no boy could make her swoon. Let's make it a bet. You think you can make Lucas fall in love with you? Prove it by the end of the term.

Five hundred dollars takes it. Riley and Missy looked at each other, sighing. He doesn't stay after sex. He doesn't settle down for anyone. And, besides…" Missy looked her up and down, "You're pretty, Maya, underneath the dirty clothes and hair, but Lucas has a type. He doesn't just fuck anyone. Maya looked down, her cheeks burning, "I could do it easily, but I don't have that type of money.

Bree looked at her thoughtfully. She hadn't mentioned her family life yet, but it was obviously an uncomfortable subject. And Bree's family was rich. I don't want to take your money. I just want to see how a wild girl like you would deal with Fuckboy Friar. So, if I win, you have to be my personal assistant for three months. Bree's grin grew. I could fix you up with a new car, TV, any gadgets you like. Maya didn't hesitate. She knew her mom needed help fixing up their new life, and home.

If she could sell those gadgets…. Her smile widened to match Bree's as Missy and Riley watched, wide-eyed, looking as if they really wanted to go and get some popcorn.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. She can't believe that this is her new life: plaid, cowboy boots, plaid, more plaid, and especially Lucas "Fuckboy" Friar.

Girl Meets World Fanfics — Another Night in Texas (lucaya)

It was a clear night in Texas. They were all gathered by a campfire roasting marshmallows, eating s'mores, and playing games. Not again! After a few minutes, Riley took her marshmallow out of the fire, only to see it perfectly roasted.

You used to be a champion sheep rider at the mutton bustin' rodeo, until you fell off of Judy the sheep. No one knows I fell off Judy the sheep except

So this is my first fic. I hope you like it and I'm sorry if there are mistakes, english isn't my first language. This is what I'd love to see happening in Girl meets Texas according to the promo. One day, it had just been one day since they had arrived at Texas, but Lucas felt like it had been a week.

Lucas like both girls but realized he felt more for Maya after their little debacle at the camp fire. Lucas realized he has always felt for Maya and never really for Riley the way he thought he did; he was pushed to like Riley. The Texas trip did not end after the camp fire, the group stayed 2 more days where they went on adventures to Lucas's and Zay's favorite places. If you had gotten hurt on that bull I don't know what I would've done with myself. Time passed and Maya eventually left Lucas alone and went back to Pappy Joe's. Being all alone in such a quiet place would allow Lucas to just sit and think about all that he now knows. Being left alone with ones thoughts can be dangerous territory…. The next day not much about the night before was talked about. Lucas, Maya, and Riley would all just awkwardly stare at one another with small glimpses here and there. Lucas and Zay decided to take the others to one of their most favorite places where they enjoyed growing up… the swimming hole.

This story is so shamelessly inspired by 'The Art of Seduction' by tiramisuspice. Seriously, I love her stories. Guess what happens? Okay, so I'm British and I know nothing about Texas so this chapter was extremely weird to write — sorry if I got some details wrong!

Блестящий криптограф - и давнишнее разочарование Хейла.

Мозг лихорадочно искал какое-то другое объяснение, но не находил. Перед ее глазами было внезапно появившееся доказательство: Танкадо использовал меняющуюся последовательность для создания функции меняющегося открытого текста, а Хейл вступил с ним в сговор с целью свалить Агентство национальной безопасности. - Это н-не… - заикаясь, произнесла она вслух, - невероятно. И, словно возражая ей, в ее мозгу эхом прозвучали слова Хейла, сказанные чуть раньше: Танкадо не раз мне писал… Стратмор сильно рисковал, взяв меня в АНБ… Рано или поздно я отсюда слиняю.

ГЛАВА 11 Испания. Я отправил Дэвида в Испанию. Слова коммандера словно обожгли Сьюзан. - Дэвид в Испании? - Она не могла поверить услышанному.

 Прочитаешь за дверью. А теперь выходи. Но Мидж эта ситуация явно доставляла удовольствие. Она подошла к окну, вертя бумагу перед глазами, чтобы найти лучший угол для падения лунного света. - Мидж… пошли. Это личный кабинет директора.

Я запустил антивирус, и он показывает нечто очень странное. - Неужели? - Стратмор по-прежнему оставался невозмутим.  - Что показалось тебе странным. Сьюзан восхитилась спектаклем, который на ее глазах разыгрывал коммандер. - ТРАНСТЕКСТ работает с чем-то очень сложным, фильтры никогда ни с чем подобным не сталкивались. Боюсь, что в ТРАНСТЕКСТЕ завелся какой-то неизвестный вирус. - Вирус? - снисходительно хмыкнул Стратмор, - Фил, я высоко ценю твою бдительность, очень высоко. Но мы с мисс Флетчер проводим диагностику особого рода.

Apr 4, - God, she can't believe that she has to seduce this boy. / Lucaya Texas AU. Lucas x Maya. Rated: Fiction T - English - Humor/Romance - [Maya.

Он был повсюду, постанывающий от удовольствия и жадно слизывающий мед с маленьких грудей Кармен Хуэрты. ГЛАВА 66 Беккер пересек зал аэропорта и подошел к туалету, с грустью обнаружив, что дверь с надписью CABALLEROS перегорожена оранжевым мусорным баком и тележкой уборщицы, уставленной моющими средствами и щетками. Он перевел взгляд на соседнюю дверь, с табличкой DAMAS, подошел и громко постучал. - Hola? - крикнул он, приоткрыв дверь.

Он впутал в это дело Сьюзан и должен ее вызволить. Голос его прозвучал, как всегда, твердо: - А как же мой план с Цифровой крепостью. Хейл засмеялся: - Можете пристраивать к ней черный ход - я слова не скажу.

Подсобка компьютера надежно закрыта. Ни он, ни Сьюзан не услышали тихих шагов в направлении Третьего узла. ГЛАВА 60 По зеркальному коридору Двухцветный отправился с наружной террасы в танцевальный зал. Остановившись, чтобы посмотреть на свое отражение в зеркале, он почувствовал, что за спиной у него возникла какая-то фигура.

 - Почему он не звонит.

Все дело в алгоритме, сочинить который оказалось не под силу нашим лучшим криптографам! - Стратмор стукнул кулаком по столу. Сьюзан окаменела. Она не произнесла ни слова. За десять лет их знакомства Стратмор выходил из себя всего несколько раз, и этого ни разу не произошло в разговоре с .

Похоже, она от меня не отвяжется. И он решил не реагировать на сообщение. ГЛАВА 79 Стратмор спрятал пейджер в карман и, посмотрев в сторону Третьего узла, протянул руку, чтобы вести Сьюзан за. - Пошли. Но их пальцы не встретились. Из темноты раздался протяжный вопль, и тут же, словно из-под земли, выросла громадная фигура, эдакий грузовик, несущийся на полной скорости с выключенными фарами. Секундой позже произошло столкновение, и Стратмор, сбитый с ног, кубарем покатился по кафельному полу шифровалки.

 Ненадолго, - буркнул Хейл. - Не зарекайся. - Я серьезно. Рано или поздно я отсюда смоюсь.

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