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Casual fashion for bald guys

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Many men especially young men tend to take their hair for granted. The fact is, bald is in now! Embrace it and use it it to your stylistic advantage. The following are five fashion tips that can be helpful for bald men to take into consideration.

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Fashion tips for bald men. How to Look More Attractive as a Bald Man

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More than ever before, guys are deciding to own male pattern baldness rather than fight it. Rogaine and Hair Club for Men may not go out of business anytime soon, but the hair loss treatment industry has clearly lost some of its momentum in recent years.

Of course, most guys still fear hair loss. However, when it comes to style, it may seem as if bald guys are at a disadvantage. After all, you have one less element to work with. But if you play your cards right, your lack of hair can actually be an asset. Heed the following tips to look your best as a bald guy:. This is no longer the case. Instead of trying to cover up your hair loss, embrace it.

Buzz down your hair a la Jason Statham, or go for a clean shave. Afraid to take the leap? Once you walk around for a few days and realize that you are no longer hiding anything, and your world is not going up in flames, you may find that you have more self-confidence than ever.

Wearing colors that match your eye color will help draw additional attention to your eyes. When it comes to skin tone, pick colors that offer a contrast. For example, if you have a pale skin tone, opt for warmer, darker colors over light ones. The hair on your head may have provided some contrast with your skin.

For more on color, see this article. Hair can still be a component of your personal style. Facial hair adds contrast and provides an opportunity to create different looks. Invest in some beard trimmers and start experimenting.

There are plenty of options, from a bit of stubble to a goatee to a full beard. Not happy with how your facial hair looks? It only takes a few minutes to shave it off and start from scratch. Accessories are often featured here on EG see here , and they can play a particularly important role for bald guys. As with some of the aforementioned items, accessories provide bald guys with an additional style element.

Sunglasses, bandanas, hats and watches all provide you with another layer to work with. The idea is not to wear one every waking moment, but rather to use it occasionally to complement the rest of your wardrobe. Collars, on the other hand, can help frame your head , and bald guys might actually be at an advantage when it comes to turtle necks.

If you are planning on wearing a collarless shirt, try going with a different neckline, such as a v-neck, which can provide a contrasting linear element to the curvature of your head. Note how the gent to the right uses a collared shirt, sharp peak lapels, and square glasses to break up the rounder lines of his head.

Thanks, Phillip! Over to you guys. Any experience with hair loss? Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer. Things have changed. Heed the following tips to look your best as a bald guy: 1. Pick clothes and accessories that complement your skin tone and your eye color As a bald guy, your skin tone and eye color are more prominent. Use this to your advantage.

Experiment with facial hair Hair can still be a component of your personal style. Add accessories Accessories are often featured here on EG see here , and they can play a particularly important role for bald guys.

A Guide to Losing Your Hair (But Not Your Style)

Next, the shave. Finish off, as you would when shaving your face, with an aftershave balm to calm the skin and kick-start the healing process. In the same way the skin on your face needs moisturising to keep it in prime condition, the stuff on your head benefits from a little topical hydration, too. Much like your face, your scalp needs ridding of dead skin, too. Nicolaou recommends applying a face or body scrub to the scalp twice weekly, using gentle circular motions, and making sure to cover all areas from the nape of the neck to the crown and behind the ears.

Make the most of your bald head and boost your confidence with an awesome wardrobe. Here are some great bald men fashion tips to help you look great.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I may receive compensation when you click on links to products in this post. For an explanation of my Advertising Policy, visit this page. Thanks for reading! This website is filled with articles and tips for bald guys.


Head shaving requires the right techniques , patience, and equipment. First, if you have some longer hair left, which is usually the case, trimming them first is necessary for a smooth shaving experience. Using high-quality razors is recommended. Those disposable razor blades would only be doing you a disfavor. But as someone who has personally shaved off his hair before, I prefer to do it before taking a shower because I like to wash off the hair that gets stuck to my face and body. You should definitely experiment to find out which way works best for you. Finish the process by using a good-quality aftershave. If you want to stand out and not be the average bald Joe, bodybuilding is a great choice. A bald head looks very cool with a good physique. But you need to pick a more realistic goal because movie stars work out a lot for their appearance, which might not fit into our daily schedule that is packed with fun things like work and running errands.

Fashion Tips for Bald Men

In the summer, you can enjoy lightly colored trousers and short-sleeved button-downs. This will make you look like you have a fuller mane of hair on your head. Too much exposure may result in some form of severe skin aliments as well melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, etc. I am not opposed to fitting in, but I want to have some fun. Bald Men Fashion: What You Need in Your Wardrobe Casual Looks Every bald man needs casual pieces in his wardrobe for weekends, low-key weeknight outings, and get-togethers with friends.

It's just something that, by virtue of the hormones involved, happens. When there's more skin showing on your head, the color of your skin matters more.

More than ever before, guys are deciding to own male pattern baldness rather than fight it. Rogaine and Hair Club for Men may not go out of business anytime soon, but the hair loss treatment industry has clearly lost some of its momentum in recent years. Of course, most guys still fear hair loss.

Style & Grooming Tips for Bald Men

According to international fashion trends, a man bun was very in but in just a few months bald head took its place. Good news for naturally bald men indeed. But it might look too bizarre having no hair on face or head at all. So having some facial hair with a bald head, either natural or shaved head, would look quite masculine and stylish.

As a member of the bald brotherhood, I have a little secret that I would like to share with you. Dressing fashionably is the easiest thing you can do to quickly improve your appearance in a drastic way. Exercise is better, and you should absolutely be working out, but dressing well will jump start your level of attraction. This is a guide to help you get there, a guide on bald fashion. Like most things on this site, this guide is pretty extensive.

8 Grooming Tips For Bald Men

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Men's Fashion Casual Look. image courtesy: Casual clothes are all important in every bald man's wardrobe since they are suitable for weekends, outings and hangouts with friends etc. A casual t-shirt or simply a shirt of a solid colour or with a trendy print is something!

The answer is actually quite simple; as a well-groomed and nicely accentuated beard adds character to your face and helps you to cultivate a brand new style that suits your shaved scalp. This is just one of the many reasons why bald men are considered to be sexier than those with hair, both from a scientific perspective and the viewpoint of women throughout the UK. It also taps into the wider idea that men who lose their hair prematurely are forced to create a new and complimentary style and one that actually increases their confidence as they grow older. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind:.

Bald Style: How to Dress as a Bald Guy Attractively [2020]

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Top 5 Street Style Looks For Bald Men

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Fashion, Dressing and Style Tips For Bald Guys

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