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Can a woman use bone marrow to get pregnant

Credit: Getty Images. The study shows that when an egg is fertilized, stem cells leave the bone marrow and travel via the bloodstream to the uterus, where they help transform the uterine lining for implantation. If the lining fails to go through this essential transformation, the embryo cannot implant, and the body terminates the pregnancy. But knowing that bone marrow has a significant role is a paradigm shift.

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Bone stem cells turned into primitive sperm cells

Follow Slashdot blog updates by subscribing to our blog RSS feed. I guess after being told to "Go Fuck Yourself" for so many years, these scientists finally found a way to do it. There will be some interesting debates raging about this one for a long time. I'm of the opinion that on the whole, we are better off with the process of gene mixing than practicing self-eugenics. Since when is human reproduction about strengthening the gene pool, and since when are your "gay friends" inherently unable to reproduce naturally?

Better question is "since when is natural a good thing"? History of human progress is the history of defying mother nature to make life more convenient than she would have it. Parent Share twitter facebook linkedin Fundy, go away. Score: 3 , Insightful by TheMCP writes: If the world was entirely gay, we would be wiped out in one single life cycle. Dear god, it's bad enough we have to listen to this same tired old crap on every damn right wing "news" site, do we have to put up with it here on slashdot too?

Gay people are perfectly capable of having children and often do. Go to any major american city's gay pride parade and you'll see a large troupe of gay and lesbian parents marching with their children. We're just less likely to do so, because of a number of reasons prominen.

It's like that. Same deal the other way. The gay people that I know at least don't find straight sex "disgusting". It just has no sexual appeal to them. But they may still have a drive to have children -- so it migh. But many women like the, ahem, companionship of other women. If this has a genetic basis almost certain then the genetic offspring of two such women is very likely to feel the same way.

A female-only subculture is almost certainly on the way. The depressing thing is, as a man I can't really think of why we should be allowed to stick around. If this [homosexuality] has a genetic basis almost certain empahsis mine Are there any actual properly controlled studies on this? I'm not being facetious, I'm geniuinely interested.

If course there's two ways that a 'reverse' preference could happen I seem to remember a pair of identical twins, one gay one straight, though can't provide a link as it's too vague for even google to help which would count against the genetic theory. I don't think enough emphasis is put on the fact this method produces birth defects. The thing about gay men having a bigger cock is true though.

Would it turn me gay? Re: Score: 2 by jacksonj04 writes: Noo, correlation does not imply causation! Twins are more likely to be subject to the same or similar environmental factors, at least until the age of puberty. It's just as much a vote for nurture as for nature. As for the bigger cock argument, I reckon that's rubbish. I'm not gay, but I've got enough gay friends to have a reasonable grasp pun absolutely intended of the field.

If bigger cocks are classed as desirable, then those people with bigger cocks who may be gay are more likely to be approached and br Re: Score: 3 , Funny by Rabbit Time!

As a woman, that would make me very sad. You guys are already have an average hotness value much above straight men, do you have to take the big cocks away from us too? Have you no decency? I read the article you linked, but it dealt primarily with gender rather than sexual preference.

So, for starters, do you have any more links to sources? Also, by "hardwired," I assume you mean genetic? I know there are cases in which brains essentially re-wire themselves. I wonder if, regardless of whether or not sexual preference is hard-wired to begin with, psychological issues could play a strong enough r. Seymour Benzer's group at Caltech demonstrated that male homosexual fruitflys must ignore obvious pun Benzer's group isolated the key difference down to some six cells in the portion of the fly's brain that is responsible for sexual attraction.

They found that in the case of the homosexual fly, the cells had inherited two x chromosomes in lieu of the ordinary x-y pair. They attribute.

Come to that, why should people with disabilities be allowed to stick around, when a fully able-bodied society would be perfectly viable? Why should people with dark skin be allowed to stick around, when a fully-white society would be perfectly viable?

Why should Jews be allowed to stick around, when a fully Jew-free society would be perfectly viable? Most people view such questions as shocking, revolting, taboo.

We have collectively decided that such questions simply have no place in our lives. We do not need any explanations or justifications: the idea that all these groups have a fundamental and irrevocable right to exist is taken as axiomatic. It's one of the foundations of our modern western civilisation, period, and there is simply no further room for debate.

The question of whether men should be "allowed" to exist is the same question, asked in a different way. Therefore the answer, to people in our society, will be the same: of course men must be allowed to exist.

No justification will be required. Not to invoke Godwin or anything, but there's a reason some people refer to extremist feminists as "feminazis".

Their views are unlikely to become mainstream any time soon. Parent Share twitter facebook linkedin Re:Of course men not obsolete just yet Score: 5 , Insightful by thesandtiger writes: on Saturday February 02, AM Don't fall into the trap that "biological" means "genetic. It seems to be more complicated than most - including myself - think. Parent Share twitter facebook linkedin Re: Score: 3 by syousef writes: But many women like the, ahem, companionship of other women.

Such changes: 1. Take time. Generations, literally. A sub-culture already exists but it's not prevalent. For Men will win in the end sort of Score: 5 , Insightful by mithras invictus writes: on Saturday February 02, AM While feminists like to exaggerate the bad properties and general uselessness of men and the superior characteristics of women, they fail to realize that those properties have been genetically selected by their sexual counterpart.

If men are really that useless, this must mean that women really suck at selecting a sexual partner. If womens "stupid useless macho" partner preference is left unchecked by a mitigating male preference, everybody in the future will pretty much be a man with different sexual organs. Might be partially developmental - possibly prenatal, but not entirely genetic. A lot of the high-profile studies claiming to have found something concrete don't seem to have held up well.

In terms of why we should stick around, have you ever seen how a workplace consisting of entirely women can get really unpleasant? A lot of women hate it. My wife's worked at a couple of places like that, and she comments that it's like they never left high school - cliques, gossip, b. Here it is again. A good time to wheel it out Is there Anything Good About Men? From a sexual point of view, most women are still part conditioned and part pre-programmed to want male ahem companionship.

I could put this much more crudely but I won't. Yes, we want financial security - name me just one person in this world, of either sex, who doesn't. Yes, most but not all of us want to raise families. Yes, we want you to share the workload of raising the kids - it's a damned hard job, as I'm sure you are aware, on top of whatever other 'duties' the woman of the house takes on e.

Yes, the mother-child bond is strong - damned strong - but the bond between the two partners is only as weak as the weakest member of that partnership.

My apologies, of course, for presuming Slashdot is primarily a male audience. Either you never had kids or had friends who did, or you live in quite a weirdo world, as this is one of the first thing they'll tell you about in prenatal courses and it is quite hard to miss. Women have an extremely strong "nesting" instinct when it comes to dealing kids That seems like common sense to do, and guys at least, the non-stupid ones know what to do, but.

But parking aside, this sounds like the kind of thing that would have us in genetic hot water in only a few generations. It would be much more encouraging to hear about research into the "shrinkage" [wikipedia. It would be nice to be able to "fix" this if it ever becomes a real problem.

I'll still need someone to take out the garbage. Still, it's a step in the right direction to completely obviating the more superfluous sex. Actually I was wondering how this affected anyone on Slashdot as none of them get to mate ever anyway.

Lets face it, robotic mowers exist. Garbage chutes exist. But dildo's have been around for millenia and they never replaced us yet. Mind you, it is murder on the hips but a man got to do, what a man got to do.

I will bravely sacrifice myself so that the rest of slashdot can live a pure life! Yes I am that noble.

Bone marrow stem cells may be vital for pregnancy

Follow Slashdot blog updates by subscribing to our blog RSS feed. I guess after being told to "Go Fuck Yourself" for so many years, these scientists finally found a way to do it. There will be some interesting debates raging about this one for a long time. I'm of the opinion that on the whole, we are better off with the process of gene mixing than practicing self-eugenics. Since when is human reproduction about strengthening the gene pool, and since when are your "gay friends" inherently unable to reproduce naturally?

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But recently a team of scientists announced they had made artificial sperm from human bone marrow , and media reports abounded with the dire news that my goodfellas and by extension, me had been rendered unnecessary. There are at least half a dozen reasons why such speculation is silly, some scientific and some practical. For example, as long as sex feels good and remains no more expensive than dinner and a bottle of wine, most people will use natural-grown sperm. Still, suggests Gregory Stock, director of the program on medicine, society and technology at the UCLA School of Medicine and the CEO of a biotech company called Signum Biosciences, it is very interesting that there were any stories at all.

Bone marrow may be the missing piece of the fertility puzzle

By Roxanne Khamsi. In a first step towards creating artificial sperm cells, researchers have turned human bone marrow tissue into primitive sperm cells. If these precursor cells can be coaxed into becoming fully functioning sperm cells, the technique could allow infertile men to father their own children, and even allow women to produce their own sperm. But experts caution that provoking the sperm precursors to fully mature presents a serious challenge. In July , biologist Karim Nayernia at the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the UK, and colleagues reported they had successfully converted stem cells from mouse embryos into functioning sperm that could fertilise mouse eggs and produce live offspring. The researchers mixed these cells with proteins that promote cell growth and vitamin A, which appears to play an important role in sperm development. This mixture converted the cells into sperm stem cells, called spermatogonium cells. Sperm stem cells are normally found in the testes, where they divide to help provide a continuous supply of sperm see diagram, right. While sperm stem cells have two sets of chromosomes, mature sperm capable of fertilising eggs have only one set.

Cells that make bone marrow also travel to the womb to help pregnancy

Bone marrow-derived cells play a role in changes to the mouse uterus before and during pregnancy, enabling implantation of the embryo and reducing pregnancy loss, according to research published September 12 in the open-access journal PLOS Biology. Although the study was done in mice, it raises the possibility that dysfunction of bone marrow-derived progenitor cells may contribute to implantation failure and pregnancy loss in women. Bone marrow progenitors can become either blood or tissue cells. Within the uterus they differentiate into endometrial tissue cells in the lining of the womb, but until now it was not known if they have a function in pregnancy.

The study shows that when an egg is fertilized, stem cells leave the bone marrow and travel via the bloodstream to the uterus, where they help transform the uterine lining for implantation.

Since the late s, scientists have explored how to produce sperm where all of the chromosomes come from a female donor. Creating female sperm was first raised as a possibility in a patent filed in [3] by injecting a woman's cells into a man's testicles, though the patent focused mostly on injecting altered male cells into a man's testes to correct genetic diseases. In , Japanese scientists partially confirmed such techniques by creating chicken female sperm in a similar manner.

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Stem cells have generated such an enormous amount of interest, in part, because of their applications related to areas such as fertility and genetics. In that same light, their interest for solving reproductive challenges has also generated a great deal of controversy. This is particularly true in the application of stem cells to facilitate reproduction for gay couples. At present, there are a number of research laboratories that are focused on the creation of cells that are genetically male but have been produced from eggs.

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Female sperm

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Feb 2, - Eggs also can be created from male bone marrow, but men looking to uses such as gay/lesbian couples conceiving and auto-reproduction.

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Stem Cells and Same Sex Reproduction

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