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Navigate back to the Walkthrough here. Speak with Damalis at the Spring of Peirene. She asks to have evidence of how a client is threatening her retrieved. Head to his house; it's in Korith below.

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Quest with little girl in Atlantis episode 2 - spoilers-

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Kassandra approached Damalis , one of Anthousa 's followers. Damalis speaking to Kassandra. Kassandra: Who was he before all this? Damalis: Obsessive, but never threatening. He didn't stand out in symposiums, until he had his drachmae act for him. Kassandra: Well, something's sure giving him courage now. Kassandra: I'll see what he has to say for himself.

Damalis: If he's not lurking around here, he'll be at his house. I want this to end today. Kassandra: It will. People tend to show their true selves to my spear whether they like it or not. Kassandra left the Spring in search of the client's house. Outside of the house, she heard a familiar voice calling to her. Kassandra: Fine. But you have to do as I say. No games! Phoibe: I know that already - because you never let me have any fun! Kassandra: You may be right.

I could use you. Phoibe: See? That was my plan all along! Kassandra: Let's hear it. Phoibe: Let me think He said something about having to meet someone at Pig Farm tonight. That could help! Kassandra: It could.

Did he mention why? Phoibe: To get something from them. A deed to some land, I think he said. Kassandra: Well, that's something. What else? Phoibe: Oh, he said their name! Wonder who that is?

Kassandra: Good to know. Thank you, Phoibe the spy. Phoibe: Not bad, huh? While Phoibe snuck around the rear of the house, Kassandra entered the home and confronted the client. Kassandra: You're meeting someone tonight, aren't you? At Phaia's goat farm. Client: A goat farm? You'll find no goats at Phaia's. Kassandra: Oh, I The man noticed Phoebe sneaking through his house.

At Phaia's cow farm. Client: A cow farm? You'll find no cows at Phaia's. Kassandra: You're going to Phaia's Pig Farm. And meeting some like-minded person there, I hear. Client: Where did you hear that? You're wrong. Dead wrong. Kassandra: They owe you a deed to some land. What that land'll be used for, I don't know. Client: A spy. What else do you have on me? Cough it up. Kassandra: Deinomenes will be quite upset if I don't let you meet him tonight.

Client: How? What do you want? Kassandra: I know about Damalis. And as her client, you seem to think she owes you something. In the background, Phoibe left the house with her hands full. Kassandra: What's this, a coin purse? Phoibe: His things aren't very nice, though. If he's rich, why have all that junk? Kassandra: He must have just gotten paid.

Kassandra: I've seen that iron poker used before. Phoibe: He didn't have a furnace! Why does he have this? Kassandra: It's not used for fire It's a weapon. For torture. I saw someone use it in Phokis. Someone huge. Phoibe: Huge like the Monger? Kassandra: Just like the Monger. Kassandra received a randomly generated sword. As Phoibe left, Kassandra pondered while leaving to look for the place mentioned in the letter. Making her way inside the house, she discovered a collection of casts, mostly of breasts, on the wall.

Kassandra did as she threatened, then returned to Damalis and Phoibe near a statue of Aphrodite. Kassandra: It's all right.

You had good intentions. Phoibe: I thought I could sneak in Like before. Kassandra: I'm glad you didn't. Especially with what I found there. Kassandra: Listen next time I tell you to do something.

Phoibe: OK. Kassandra: I promise it's for your own good. This time, especially. Kassandra: He'll leave you alone now. He gave me his word. Damalis: So we really can trust you, can't we? Kassandra: We're not all so easily blackmailed.

Kassandra: You won't have to. I took care of him myself. Phoibe: I told Kassandra she shouldn't have! Damalis: It had to come to this. Kassandra: The Monger's the real fool.

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Kassandra approached Damalis , one of Anthousa 's followers. Damalis speaking to Kassandra. Kassandra: Who was he before all this?

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In this quest, there are short objectives. You will see the fall of Athens and help Aspasia to escape from Athens. There are no major challenges in this part of the game. The quest is not far away, just follow the objective market and you will see people are dying of plague. After talking to Aspasia and then talk to Perikles.


Brilliant, courageous, and always an interesting conversationalist, Sokrates' modern thinking gained him favor with the intellectual elite of Athens. He's a staunch believer in Athenian ideologies and a formidable foe in arguments, with a legendary capacity for wine. He's also your friend and mentor and will be a source of great knowledge in your journey. Your loyal travel companion and a man of the sea, Barnabas is a commercial shipper who offers his boat and small crew as a way for you to leave Kephallonia. An ex-soldier, he has contacts all over Ancient Greece, and always has valuable information about mercenary contracts, local leaders and new quests. He will often recount tales of your adventures and how the gods have influenced them. A young girl from Athens now orphaned on Kephallonia, Phoibe is living a childhood not unlike your own. Because of this, you have formed a solid friendship, and she looks up to you as a mentor and role model. Phoibe's feistiness and stubbornness may cause you problems, but her independence will ultimately lead to her own adventure.

Short story: Child’s Play

Origins succeeded in part because Ubisoft took the time to truly evolve the gameplay for the first time in a decade, but Odyssey , its follow-up, appeared to be little more than a reskin of Origins. After playing through four hours of the game last week, I am happy to report that my assumptions were incorrect, and while Odyssey may have been built on the same foundation as Origins , the changes are enough to truly differentiate it, and it succeeds in pushing the franchise forward in countless ways both big and small. Your choice is between siblings Alexios and Kassandra, children of a great Spartan mercenary named Nikolaos. I chose to play as Alexios for my demo session.

Your role is to find Anthousa at the Spring of Peirene as she happens to know things about Myrrine.

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‘Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’ feels like it could be the ultimate evolution of the franchise

Following Alkibiades 's lead, Kassandra travelled to Korinthia to look for Anthousa , the leader of the hetaerae. Kassandra made her way to the Porneion in Korinthia. Kassandra: "Pushed out? Civilian: We don't like to say his name—in case his men overhear.

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Related Searches. On the first island you can get a quest from Phoibe to go check out the village of Kausos due to a plague. There you are given a moral dilemma, there are priests that are culling the village due to a plague and you have the option of fighting them and sparing a family with two kids! So does killing Leonidas actually revive Phoebe? Is that a "good" outcome?

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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Kassandra, Alexios, and Stentor have to deal with the aftermath of the main story as a family, each overcoming what tears them apart. After an expedition to locate the sword of Damokles goes south, Lara is forced to team up with an elusive mercenary in her quest for answers. Kassandra finds herself at a crossroad, torn between her mission and wanting to right her wrongs. The way he bowed before giving his name.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Fanart, Areum Jeong curls for the girls #kassandra #assassinscreedodyssey #ac #assassinscreed #misthios #art #illustration.

Playing babysitter was the opposite of what Kassandra wanted to be doing on Solstice, and yet here Markos was, asking her to watch Phoibe while he ran off to do gods knew what. She looked at the little girl playing in the dust at their feet with rising irritation. She waved him off dismissively. All she wanted for Solstice was to get drunk and find someone beautiful to sleep with.

Kassandra comes across completely motherly toward Phoibe, while Alexios can be both fatherly and the friend Phoibe wants. In the matter of Myrrine, Kassandra comes across as the genuine child in search of her mother, while Alexios is better suited as Deimos who has to be convinced to let go of his brutal ways. Then there are characters like Sokrates, Herodotos, and Barnabas, all of whom seem natural with Kassandra, where their dynamic is that of unlikely friends coming together to help each other.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Torment of Hades: Ending, Choices and Puzzle Answers Guide

After threatening to depose the queen of Elysium, the Eagle Bearer descends into the underworld, coming face-to-face with its enigmatic and wicked ruler, Hades. With Cerberos slain by the hands of the Misthios, Hades tasks them with restoring balance to death by finding four new guardians for the gates of hell. In this episode of the DLC there only seems to be one proper ending. Take this as a spoiler warning for the outcome of all sidequests in the Torment of Hades.

The following section focuses on all major choices in the fifth chapter of Assassin's Creed Odyssey. This time, you're in for some moral choices in Keos, Korinth and Argolida.

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