Movie Synopsis

3 stories, 3 characters in 3 periods of time build the plot of “Brancusi from Eternity “. Each character speaks in its own way about the talent and works of one of the greatest artists.

The main story is about Brancusi ‘s mature period, both physically and creatively. It is the period following his arrival in Paris, during his friendship with Modigliani and his relationship with Martha, one of his models, perhaps his favorite one. Despite his numerous betrayals, Martha remains faithful to him until her death.

The second story is about Marin Etu, a student of Fine Arts in Bucharest, during the establishment of the communist regime. Because he criticizes some of the Romanian Academy members who refused the legacy Brancusi wanted to leave to the Romanian state, he was sentenced to 13 years in prison. After being released, the Security (former communist Securitate) forces him to forge many of Brancusi’s works.

The third story focuses upon Milarepa, a great scholar who lived in Tibet, in the XIIth century. Milarepa is often evoked by Brancusi, who admires him greatly, as well as by Marin Etu. During detention, thanks to a cellmate, Marin Etu gets to know more about Milarepa’s life. Milarepa is the link between the sculptor Brancusi and the forger Marin Etu, a link between their destinies.

“Brancusi from Eternity” is a film about the search for truth and perfection in art, but also about disappointments caused by failures. It is, however, a movie about Milarepa, who influences Brancusi and Marin Etu lives until the moment of their transition to solitude…