‘Brancusi from Eternity’ screened in the United Kingdom

Romanian film ‘Brancusi from Eternity’ will be screened in cinemas in UK starting at the end of January. The premiere will take place on January 24th 2016. The film is directed by Adrian Popovici and stars well known Romanian stage actors, Claudiu Bleont, Vlad Radescu, Alexandru Potocean, Iulia Verdes, Andra Negulescu and Ioan Andrei Ionescu as the great sculptor Constantin Brancuși.

The film garnered the attention of UK critics and film distributors when it was screened for BAFTA voters as well as in the UK Critic’s Circle competition in December 2015.

Three stories, three characters in three periods of time. Each one tells the tale about the talent, personality and work of one of the world’s greatest sculptors, Constantin Brancusi. The main story is about Brancusi following his arrival in Paris, during his friendship with Modigliani and his relationship with Martha, his favorite model. The second one is about Marin Etu, a student of Fine Arts. Due to his criticism of some of the Romanian Academy members who refused the legacy that Brancusi wanted to leave the Romanian state, he was sent to prison for 13 years. After being released, political police forced him to forge many of the works of Brancusi. Milarepa, a great scholar who lived in the XII century, in Tibet is the link between the Romanian-French sculptor Brancusi and the forger Marin Etu. He influences the lives of the two until the moment of their transition into solitude. It is a film about the search for truth and perfection in art.

The screenplay was written by Ioan Carmazan, Radu Petrescu-Aneste and Pascal Ilie Virgil. The cinematography was done by Cristian Gugu and the editing by Marian Ene. The film was produced by Cornelia Palos.

The film was made possible with the support of the Romanian National Film Center and the Romanian Television Society.


poster Brancusi from Eternity